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Water kefir, crafted with natural ferments known as kefir grains, is a fantastic choice for gut health.

During the fermentation process, bacteria and yeast work harmoniously to produce water kefir. Wondering how it happens? The kefir grains consume the sugar present in a base mixture of water, lemons, figs, and cane sugar. As a result, they transform it into nourishing organic acids, enzymes, and delightful natural fizziness. This creates a refreshingly carbonated drink with minimal sugar content while offering a gut-loving experience. One prominent organic acid produced in this process is lactic acid, renowned for its ability to support the immune system.

Explore the wonders of water kefir, a naturally carbonated beverage packed with probiotics. Learn how it promotes gut health, its low sugar content, and the refreshing taste. Uncover the secrets of this thirst-quenching elixir!

What makes this drink exceptional:

  • 100% natural and free from artificial additives or colorants.

  • Boasts an incredibly low sugar content.

  • Supports a healthy gut environment.

  • Naturally effervescent, providing a sparkling sensation.

  • A thirst-quenching beverage choice.

It's important not to confuse water kefir with milk kefir, which is fermented milk, similar to a tangy and mildly fizzy yogurt drink. Both drinks are a great option - and can be consumed complementarily! Milk kefir for breakfast, water kefir as a thirst quencher.


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