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Why cans are a better choice for the planet

KULT water kefir Eco-Friendly Packaging: Why Cans Outshine One-Way Glass Bottles for the Environment

From the very start, we wanted to make a delicious gut-loving beverage with minimal impact on mother nature. We know that we're not perfect, but we aim for progress over perfection. And cans actually help us with that goal!

Today, we want to challenge the preconceptions people have about aluminium cans and raise awareness about the great advantages that this material offers.

Recycle better ♻️

As most of you know, our dear glass bottles are recycled very efficiently in Western Europe. Just bring them to your local glass container, and they can appear back on a shelf in just a month. But cans actually score better when it comes to recycling. Yes, that's right: you can recycle aluminium indefinitely without losing its quality. What's more, glass is more expensive and energy-intensive to recycle.

Convenient 🎒

Sure, glass bottles look very stylish, but they're not so convenient in our busy lifestyles. Because aluminium is lighter and less delicate than glass, cans are perfect for a day out on adventure!

The fact they're lighter and more stackable also means they require less fuel (and CO2) for transport. That's also better for the planet!

Last longer 💪

Will the cans affect product quality? Not at all. Cans provide a great protection from light and oxygen - meaning our kefir lasts even longer in there. We chose a BPA-free liner inside to keep the product from touching the aluminium.


All of this holds true for recycled aluminium, but not for virgin aluminium. Why? Because making recycled aluminium requires just 5% of the energy needed to extract virgin aluminium. Also, when compared to virgin glass, virgin aluminium is much more energy intensive to produce. So that's where you play a huge role in society: toss your used cans and bottles in a recycling bin. It's so easy, yet so often forgotten. Mother earth will thank you.


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