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Ke-what ?

Kefir , water kefir , belgian water kefir

Water kefir is made with natural ferments called kefir grains.

These grains contain tons of beneficial micro-organisms, also called probiotics. These live cultures can help restore the balance of your gut flora and help alleviate digestive problems.

Bacteria and yeast work in symbiosis during the fermentation process to produce water kefir. But how does that work? Well, the grains consume the sugar present in a base of water, lemons, figs and cane sugar and transform it into healthy organic acids, enzymes and natural fizziness. The result is a very low sugar, naturally carbonated drink rich in probiotics. The most prominent organic acid produced is lactic acid, which has been shown to nourish the intestinal flora.

The drink is therefore :

  • 100% natural

  • Very low in sugar

  • Good for your gut

  • Colorant or additive free

  • Naturally sparkling

  • Thirst-quenching

Not to be confused with milk kefir, which is fermented milk, a bit like a tangy and slightly fizzy yogurt drink.

Like fruit kefir, milk kefir is full of probiotics.

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