Why ferment?

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Microorganisms are all around us: on our food, on our hands, in our digestive system .... Fermentation is the art of taking advantage of these bacteria, yeasts and molds in our food.

Fermentation is a controlled transformation of food by microorganisms. They develop and metamorphose our food. It is found in foods such as bread, yogurt, cheese, alcohol... But what is the point of fermenting our food?

Fermentation allows us to considerably extend the shelf life of food. There is no need for a refrigerator, nor for boiling the jars to put them in cans. It is cheap and ecological.

Fermentation has the advantage of removing toxic substances from certain foods.

For example, people who are lactose intolerant can usually eat yogurt, milk kefir or cheese because the lactose in milk is transformed by the ferments. The same goes for gluten intolerant people, sourdough fermentation allows a pre-digestion of gluten and makes it easier to assimilate.

Food becomes more digestible and excellent for the health.

Fermentation is also a matter of taste: who hasn't heard of umami, the famous fifth flavor? Fermentation allows the release of an amino acid, glutamate, which is a taste enhancer.

Fermentation is a great way to take back control of your diet. Each bite has ecological, ethical and economic consequences.

Let's not be afraid of microbes and bacteria. They are a real asset in our food and our health. Fermentation is not our enemy, it is undoubtedly our best ally.

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