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Our Story

Welcome to KULT, where we blend the power of bioscience with the art of fermentation to bring you a truly remarkable beverage.

As a passionate bioscience engineer, I have always marveled at the incredible achievements that can be accomplished when millions of tiny organisms unite towards a common goal.


It all started in my very own kitchen where I began experimenting with fermented products. One day, my mother handed me those precious kefir grains, and I quickly knew something extraordinary was about to unfold.

What started as a simple homemade concoction quickly revealed itself to be more than just a refreshing apéritif. With the realization of the advantages that kefir offers over traditional soft drinks, the seeds of KULT were sown in October 2020, marking the beginning of an exciting adventure.

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Our Mission

At KULT, we push the boundaries of flavour and health to create unparalleled beverages. Every sip tells a story of passion, innovation, and the wonders of nature.

Join us on this captivating journey through fermentation. Experience KULT and discover the extraordinary in every sip.

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Our Name


cul·​ture | ˈkəl-chə
From the Indo-European word kwel designating a cyclical process.

The name KULT was chosen in honor of the intricate relationship between water kefir and the concept of culture. 

Just like our cultural heritage, which is passed on from generation to generation, water kefir grains are passed around from hand to hand in a cyclical process.

The word KULT also relates to the mother culture: these are the helpful micro-organisms which are employed to start the fermentation process for each batch.

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