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Chai & Hibiscus - 12 x 33 cl

Chai & Hibiscus - 12 x 33 cl

SKU: 103

Spice up your day with this punchy taste of india. The notes of sweet cinnamon, warming clove and floral hibiscus will embark you on a journey through the bustling streets of new delhi.


For 100 mL:
38 kJ / 9 kcal, fats (<0,1 g), carbohydrates (2,2 g) - of which sugars (1,4 g), fibre (0,5 g), protein (<0,2 g), salt (<0,01)

Ingredients: filtered water, living water kefir culture, sugar cane*, black Assam tea*, Chai spices*, lemon juice*, fig syrup*

*from organic agriculture

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