Providing moments of pure gut'ness

Authentic water kefir
Craft brewed, Probiotic & Organic

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Our flavours

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Ginger & Rosemary

Get ready to travel the globe from the powerful virtues of Peruvian Ginger to the herbal delight of Mediterranean Rosemary.

Nutritional facts 100 ml: 

Energy (53,5 kJ / 12,6 kcal), Fats (<0,2 g), Carbohydrates (3,1 g), Fibres (0,5 g), Proteins (<0,2 g), 

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The Original

For all purists out there. This is your chance to experience the delicacy of an authentic water kefir.


Nutritional facts 100 ml: 

Energy (38 kJ / 9 kcal), Fats (<0,1 g), Carbohydrates (2,2 g), Fibres (0,5 g), Proteins (<0,2 g), 

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Passion & Hops

An exquisite blend of passion fruit, Citra hops and Japanese Sencha tea.
Yes, this is definitely a one-way ticket to the tropics.

Nutritional facts 100 ml: 

Energy (49 kJ / 12 kcal), Fats (0,2 g), Carbohydrates (2,2 g), Fibres (<1 g), Proteins (0,2 g)


Water kefir?

Kult is a naturally sparkling drink produced by
fermentation. It is made with the help of water kefir grains which host millions of symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeasts.

These micro-organisms ferment fruits, lemons and sugar cane into  a unique beverage!

But water kefir is not just a refreshing apéritif. Each bottle contains millions of probiotics, which are known to boost immunity and restore the gut equilibrium.

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Our story

As a passionate bioscience engineer, I have always admired what millions of tiny creatures are able to achieve by joining forces. I love to experiment with kultures in the lab or in my kitchen making fermented products.

So when my mother handed me some kefir grains, guess what? I loved it!


I quickly realised that this drink was not merely a refreshing apéritif.
Water kefir contains many more beneficial bacteria than other fermented drinks, which therefore makes for the ideal probiotic, boosting our immunity and promoting our digestion.
What’s more, the rumour has it that our gut is our second brain. That’s a reason more to nurture our flora lovingly. 
Since then, I decided that I had to give these kultures the popularity they deserve!



The idea for Kult grew from a realisation...

There’s nothing better than a few drinks with friends. But this pleasure should come with no compromise on your next day and on taste.

That’s where Kult comes in as the perfect alcohol-free aperitif that’s both pure gut’ness for your health and for your tastebuds!





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