water kefir , fruit kefir , kefir in brussels, probiotics

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authentic water kefir
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Kult is a fermented kefir drink, full of life!

It is produced in a craft brewery in the North of Brussels, where we don't brew beer, but fruity water made with organic ingredients.




Water kefir is part of the new generation of soft drinks that make you feel good while tasting great.

Indeed, in addition to being full of life, it is also a delicious, naturally sparkling and low-sugar drink.

To make water kefir, we use water, lemon, cane sugar and figs. This fruity brew is then transformed into a delicious beverage by our precious kefir grains, consisting of millions of beneficial bacteria and yeast.

Doesn't that sound great for the aperitif?

water kefir , fruit kefir , kefir in brussels, probiotics
water kefir , fruit kefir , kefir in brussels, probiotics

The more traditional name of water kefir grains appears to be tibicos. Tibicos are found to develop naturally beneath the epidermis of ripe Opuntia cactus fruits in Mexico.

The first reports of these kultures date from the 19th century, where a certain Dr. Lutz described them as "spherical transparent masses resembling boiled rice-grains. They ferment sugar-water and produce a light agreeable beverage. Microscopical examination shows that the tibi grains are composed of bacilli and yeasts. The fermentation occurs only by the co-operation of the two organisms, either alone being insufficient".

He probably brought some Tibi grains back to Switzerland, and they have since continued to be passed on from generation to generation.