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Bubbles with Benefits

Water kefir is not just a casual lemonade. It's actually an ancient traditional beverage made from the fermentation of fresh organic fruit and natural botanicals producing a fizzy brew containing a wide range of organic acids. Forget all the sugar and ingredients you can't pronounce.

KULT, your natural alternative to soda!

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BE-BIO-01 Certisys

What our customers say



I am a kefir fan. I made mine during 10 years. Now I've taken a break as I have less time. I tasted two of your products and I wanted to tell you that I find them exceptional!!

They are by far the best I have ever tasted in my life! Your technique for preserving the fruit flavors in your kefir is incredible!



Thank you very much for delivering my KULT order two weeks ago!

Now that we tested all flavours, I just wanted to tell you that we really liked all of them!

My children loved the original flavour most, my personal favourite was the chai/hibiscus flavour (also a great flavour for the coming autumn and winter time!).

KULT is a great product! We will keep recommending it to friends & family!



I discovered your drink at the hospital, where my wife was being treated. I stayed with her all day in her room, and I didn't feel like having sweet soda. Downstairs is a small store, where, oddly enough, they had KULT. Especially the one with Passion and Hops, I loved it right away. Since I can't find it close to home, I now order regularly through your website.

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One thing is certain: our customers and staff, especially those from Antwerp, are FANS of your product ;-)

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